Monday, July 25, 2005

I would here like to mention what MBHC stands for. A quick Google search on the internet will give you Miami Behavioral Health Center and Mennonite Brethren something something along with much more. Unfortunately none of these are correct.

The real meaning of the acronym MBHC is "Mount Baker Hard Core"... It refers to a rare breed of human that resides mostly in the vicinity of the North Cascades with some subspecies being migratory for various reasons. And there is also an extremely rare case where individuals are born in entirely different environments, and have possibly never been to the North Cascades, but their DNA code contains all the right elements and its only a matter of time before they develop into a mature specimen.

The first person to categorize the MBHC was definitely not me. I'm not exactly sure how far it goes back. I first heard the expression from my good friend Nathan Walker, and he might know the original source. He might actually be the original source. Others who might know include Pete and Austin Gallant, Kipton Nichols, and Zack Smith.

If you have ever been skiing or snowboarding at the
Mount Baker Ski Resort on a very stormy day, just before you headed in early you might have glimpsed through the fog and the wind some lone skier cruising down the steeps. Then the vision passes, the clouds swirl about you, and you remember that you fingertips are in the beginning stages of frostbite, so you head down to the lodge. What you saw up there was an MBHC.

Thriving in condition that most other humans despise, the MBHC come out in the worst of all storms. They are also known for their physical prowess, most of the time being too fast to observe for very long. They climb, snowshoe, mountain bike (ethically), kayak, and of course ski, telemark included. Sometimes there are snowboarders, but those are a select few in that most would-be MBHC snowboarders are seduced by the more punkish crowd that prefer a hamburger in the lodge to an icy blast of sleet on the mountain top. The migrant species are somewhat different, involving activities like canyoneering, surfing, and so forth.

There is much more involved with the MBHC, such as environmental awareness, loyalty to the other MBHC, and a cunning that far surpasses even most physics professors. The underlying foundation is the same in all MBHC. It can even be observed simply in everyday attitude. But for the sake of brevity, let it stand that the name is for real, not just for fun. So now you have somewhat of an idea of what MBHC means.

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