Thursday, May 19, 2011

We've had a decent drought in Florida, but there have still been a few beautiful sunsets. It will be sad to leave the beautiful weather here. I know the summers are hot, and the mosquitoes will get insane at some point, but I do really like it here. I think there is a beauty to every part of the earth, in the forests, mountains, deserts, oceans, swamps, etc., and, in my book, it exponentially increases the majesty of it all.

Monday, May 09, 2011

 Easter is a fun time of year, that's for sure. I love to just mess around making eggs pretty. I actually drained five of these eggs before we decorated them, and I was going to spray a matte finish on them, but I think they got tossed. One day I'm going to drain them, fill them with heavily salted water, let them dry out so the salt cake will coat the inside and act as a preservative, decorate them, spray a permanent finish on them, and then go place them up high on a cliff on the Y-mount, or someplace more remote. I would spend more time on them, and make them into the most amazing eggs you've ever seen... I'm such a weirdo. :)