Sunday, May 02, 2010

So on May 3rd, you and everyone you know, and their dog too, needs to get online and watch this video. Actually go to YouTube and click thumbs up, save it to your favorites, comment favorably on it, and share it with others. The goal is to blast it on to the front page of youtube, instead of the usual trash that is there. Anyhow, pass it on.

Book of Mormon Video

Monday, April 26, 2010

Well, God answers prayers. Eli has been even more consistent than me in asking Heavenly Father to provide us with a job, and, sure enough, after I thought there was no possible way, I get two choices. First, a dream opportunity to work at BYU law school helping to rewrite a treatise on religious freedom and relevant law. Second, a federal clerkship at the district court. CRAP!! I'm clinging to the hope that I can still do both, but either way, I feel so blessed by a loving Father. I was not seeking the clerkship, I didn't even know about it, but a professor recommended me for it and then tracked me down to tell me. Talk about divine intervention. And I feel so much more confident about the Loyola interviews this summer.
Anyhow, whatever happens, all I really want is to take Eli, Wesley and Eva to Zion NP, and do some fun hiking. Maybe the San Rafael as well. I can hardly wait, although the drive is going to stink.

Monday, April 12, 2010

So I had a quick daydream about doing some canyoneering again this summer, but I don't have a sufficient post of pics for Englestead Hollow. Such a fantastic canyon should be kept secret, really, but in violation of such desires, I'll post some of the pics that I have. Begin salesmanship:

So this last one is taken after you technically leave Englestead Hollow and enter the park boundaries, but the fact that one must also complete the best part of Orderville Canyon in order to actually do Englestead is even better. I'll refrain from all but one more of Orderville, but I think every 100 yards of that canyon could merit an award winning photograph.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So I watched a speech that touched a nerve. I decided to post my thoughts (amid all those calls for white supremacy and other general garbage... I feel bad that average Americans are offered a forum to discuss general topics of national interest, and instead of actual thought, we end up with "Kill Whitey!" ...but my pontification is probably not much better) Here is the short video speech, followed by my thoughts:

"I think the statement about teachers being most responsible for a child's success glosses over a flaw larger than our current education system. The biggest flaw of American education (elementary and secondary) is the American family behind it all. Our families have degenerated so much since the mentioned 'golden age'. Parents no longer accept the responsibility to see that their individual children are learning the most that they possibly can. Many American families have fathers who are addicted to pornography, or who just don't give their kids the needed discipline, guidance or support. At the same time they have mothers who have to work full time to meet the rent, or who are maybe a little too worried about the media's presentation of what their bodies should look like, etc. The list is too expansive for a short post, but there exists a general weakness to our families that cannot be fully compensated by a good teacher. Without the help of parents, it is so much harder for kids to reach the excellence that should be right at their fingertips. I don't think President Obama is ignoring this, as per the state of the union, but Americans who expect a bill like this to pull us back to the top in education fail to see the larger problem. We need to repair the American Family, and I don't think a legislative bill can do that. I honestly think the change must come from people like me, with my growing family, who can make individual choices to strengthen the family. I am the father who can put my kids in a position where excellence is the norm. I am the one who can take responsibility for the next generation, because they literally live under my roof. I think Obama should challenge the fathers (and mothers) of the nation to do the same." [end youtube post]

OK, so when I posted it the order got all disjointed, and I had to slim some sentences down, and I even left one sentence incomplete. I just wanted to make sure that I too showed a lesser respect for this 'national forum'... sheesh. And then I started thinking about what I would do if Eli has a really crappy kindergarten teacher. It makes me sick to my stomach actually, and I don't want to deal with that. But I guess I'll make sure that I'm always there for my kids, that I always know what they are learning, that I always help them with their homework, and maybe even supplement it with cool lessons in physics etc. I have some teaching ideas up my sleeve. Cho Oyu, anyone? :)

Sierra and I were joking about how she should just be a nurse, and I could homeschool the kids... but while I would really love to do that, I would also probably not survive even one week. Hopefully I can just help my kids understand the joy of learning through disciplined study, something that I took a long time to comprehend, and still forget frequently.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Life is good. I hope my kids remember with fondness the adventures they are having as children. I feel so bound up with school, and my time is so limited, but there are always moments of tender mercy.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Well, I took Eli fishing this afternoon. It rained on us, hard. The wind was blowing too, and we both got really cold. But we tried hard to catch the dang fish that were jumping all over the place. I was literally passing my bait right in front of their faces. I know it. But I wasn't doing it well. I think I've figured out the solution, and only the next batch of pictures will tell. :)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

So, I just want to say that I know Heavenly Father will prepare the way. One of my biggest concerns right now is getting a job. That really matters for this family, getting an income. But I'm really not worried, despite the stress of getting rejected, etc. People are really, really dumb for not hiring me. Someone will make the right choice. :) And I'll look forward to seeing the others on the other side of the courtroom.

Also, spending time with families is so important, it just has to be possible. Another thing I'm super stressed about is the Jessup Moot Court Competition coming up. That has been one of the worst experiences of my life, both because its hard, and because of laziness of a teammate. I will refrain, except to say that I will NEVER tolerate such in my professional career, whether from an associate, a partner, or even a judge. But back to the point, who cares about a stupid competition anyhow. I mean, I do, and I have sacrificed my life for the past few months because I actually want to do better than everyone else. But in reality, this whole thing is SO worthless that I can't believe I lost even a minute of sleep over it, let alone the hours and hours that I actually have.

What isn't worthless is my family. So I went and bought a cheap fishing pole from Wal-Mart, and scheduled a "date" with Eli. Wesley will be next week. I'm a little worried about what we might actually catch, see below, but I figure we'll at least have a little bit of adventure in the process. Also, I've been spending some actual time working on my boat, and I'm in the final stages I think. SO its about time that my family comes back to the top of the list. In full force.

I took this as we were walking on the pier. What do you do if you catch one of these? They pulled the hook out, and tossed it back, but it was floppin' and smackin' and stingin' all over the place. What if I catch a shark?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I went swimming this morning (early AM, and not the above pictures) in some pretty good chop... for the Gulf, at least. Anyhow, it was fun and I didn't get eaten by a shark. But the rest of the day was read, meeting, read, class, and the like. Then I was late to dinner, which always ruins Sierra's day. Bummer. I'll need to make it up somehow. At least there aren't any icicles hanging from the trees around the temple any more. That was pretty depressing.

Its pretty hard to find the balance right now, in all the things I'm doing. Family has been relegated to 'see ya when I can see ya' which is nowhere near where it should be. You know you're getting pretty lame when the coolest thing you've done with your family recently is drive down the highway looking for alligators.
But life is still good, and I love it. I'll be done with this schooly nonsense soon enough. Needless to say, I'll be grateful. Here are some more random, hopefully pretty pictures.