Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Spanish Fork Reservoir
We went swimming last Friday at a new spot. It's pretty fun. A little crowded and not too big, but the water is wonderfully cold, and deep.

Friday, August 05, 2005

August 5, 2005

I just wanted to say sorry for not having any great adventures to post here since I made this blog. My wife is due in 2 months, and even camping is kinda difficult for her. She is my adventure buddy, so if she doesn't go, I really don't want to either. There has been one exception, where I took Eva and Devin through icebox canyon about a month and a half ago. But other than that, since I've been married to Sierra I haven't gone on any adventure by myself.

I never want to become one of those husbands who ditches his wife and kids for a week to go play with his buddies in some exotic place, and by exotic I mean freezing, snowy, and wonderfully windy. I think if there's an adveture worth having, its worth having with your loved ones.

This doesn't always work though. Sometimes I end up dragging people places that are actually much too difficult for their enjoyment, and thereby ruin the experience for them. And that really ruins the experience for me too. If I take someone to a place that I love, to do something that I love, hoping that they will love it too, it really breaks my heart when they end up not loving it. Its like sharing your testimony with a friend, only to have them later become and anti-mormon.

Now that Sierra is pregnant, I think the likelyhood of this occurence is much stronger than before. So far in our marriage she has been so patient with me and has loved every place I've dragged her...but I need to use discretion.

So I think that if extreme circumstances warrant, I'll take a trip every now and then to some crazy place without my wife. Like in October when Dan comes back from Kiev and we do Heaps Canyon in Zion like crazy fools...! (...just kidding Dan, we can do whatever you want, but I doubt you want to freeze to death in the pitch black of that place...)

Anyhow, excuses aside, expect some cool pics or postings within a week.

My Wife

Here are a few pictures of my wonderful wife Sierra. I argue that she is the most beautiful girl ever. There are some great girls out there, some of which I am priveledged to be friends with and some who are my sisters, but Sierra takes the cake. Tell me if you agree, or in other words, tell me how good your eyesight is. :)