Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Flip Time

Last week Josh Heck and I were almost to the top of squaw peak, when time cut us off. Our wives wanted us home within about 20 minutes of this picture. Those who know where we are know this is possible but only by sprinting down the entire way...Anyhow, we couldn't let a good opportunity go to waste. Josh actually did a backflip, but I don't want to look less cool than him, hence no picture:) (actually his sweatshirt makes him look like an upside-down blur, and I have to get to class right now, so I'm jost not posting it...)

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Y Mount

John B Hoyt and I climbed Y mountain this Saturday in just about 2 hours. At first we were headed straight up the west face, but came to a tricky spot and decided to cut around to the south face and just take the easy walk to the top. The first pic is coming around the corner between the two faces, and the second is on the top of the mountain. You can see a pretty good storm cloud on Mount Nebo in the background.