Monday, April 26, 2010

Well, God answers prayers. Eli has been even more consistent than me in asking Heavenly Father to provide us with a job, and, sure enough, after I thought there was no possible way, I get two choices. First, a dream opportunity to work at BYU law school helping to rewrite a treatise on religious freedom and relevant law. Second, a federal clerkship at the district court. CRAP!! I'm clinging to the hope that I can still do both, but either way, I feel so blessed by a loving Father. I was not seeking the clerkship, I didn't even know about it, but a professor recommended me for it and then tracked me down to tell me. Talk about divine intervention. And I feel so much more confident about the Loyola interviews this summer.
Anyhow, whatever happens, all I really want is to take Eli, Wesley and Eva to Zion NP, and do some fun hiking. Maybe the San Rafael as well. I can hardly wait, although the drive is going to stink.

Monday, April 12, 2010

So I had a quick daydream about doing some canyoneering again this summer, but I don't have a sufficient post of pics for Englestead Hollow. Such a fantastic canyon should be kept secret, really, but in violation of such desires, I'll post some of the pics that I have. Begin salesmanship:

So this last one is taken after you technically leave Englestead Hollow and enter the park boundaries, but the fact that one must also complete the best part of Orderville Canyon in order to actually do Englestead is even better. I'll refrain from all but one more of Orderville, but I think every 100 yards of that canyon could merit an award winning photograph.