Friday, April 06, 2012


Havasupai... I don't know what happened to my old post about this trip, but it's not here. And I can't let one of the greatest trips of my life go unrecognized. I regret that I have only a couple of pictures of Navajo Falls, which don't include any of the secrets of what used to lay up behind the big falls, or the cave that you had to swim into. One of the greatest treasures of our generation is now gone thanks to a careless rancher's dam upstream. Anyhow, I hope these pics bring back fond memories for those who love this place. Thanks to Dave Staub for taking us there, and Ben and Stephanie Gunn for being our trip buddies (despite my foul language, lol) and mostly my wife for being so adventurous.

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The Gunn Family said...

I still can't believe that whole waterfall and everything else above and below it got wiped out