Monday, January 09, 2012

Recent Books

So, I have made a few book recently and thought I would share some pics. The very first one I made was for Jed Stout. I only put four sheets in per section and realized afterwards that the hemp I used was so thick that I should have used eight. But I liked the cover stitching.

Then I made some others, and then I made one for my wife. Its the best one so far, but it's bound too tightly, so it has a desire to stay open.


Here are two others. For the gray one, I should have used better paper for the text block. But I've been carrying around the cover since Michigan. Got the cover paper at Hollanders a long time ago.

For this last one, I actually made the cover paper myself, and dry-brushed it with aluminum. I messed up on stitching the covers on, so they have a desire to skew themselves a little. But it turned out pretty. And I actually tried a technique to wax the cover, taught to me by my bookbinding teacher long ago but never attempted. It actually worked well, and I'll definitely be doing it to some of my books like this in the future.

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